Purveyors of breakfast and brunch, with locally roasted coffee and a wide range of teas. The best chill out spot in Sandyford!

Meet Aidan


A Washington born lad with a burning desire to open his own place from a young age. Although the dream was to bake cakes for a living, through his working career his dream began to change and mature. It was more than just a few pieces of cake, it was a longing to serve food good for the soul matched with a smile and good atmosphere. Research began early on in his career, thankful to work for small independents and gain experience from them. Working in every aspect of a restaurant : management, kitchen work and front of house it was clear from only a few years into his career that the dream was going to become a reality sooner rather than later, and at 21 years of age Aidan signed his contract to takeover from the very popular The McCrouzer Cafe , his 22nd birthday following shortly after it was full steam ahead. 

Aidan sharp worked out that he wasn't an interior designer, a decorator, or a shop fitter so after a few phone calls later and some very good friends of Aidan we had David Smith painter and decorator who redecorated the full shop, removing the green and bringing us the grey and mustard walls you all seem to love. We knew we were working with a small space, and we wanted to serve people who were comfortable in their surroundings, which is where Ash Bains and Laurna Marshall helped. Ash a joiner by trade and a master at his craft reconstructed our working surfaces, counter, coffee bar seating, our fixed banquet seating and much more. Laurna Marshall an old customer of Aidan's from a previous job was the brains behind the cushioned seating and worked alongside Ash to fit the cushions to the banquet. Gastronorth Ltd supplying and fitting our little bespoke kitchen, and all of the crockery again you all seem to love. With everyday it became more real, Aidan's dream was here. 

Wednesday 1st August 2018 we opened and the madness has never stopped.

In difficult, uncertain and scary times
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